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For the past six (6) years we have provided services to the Regional Water Authority. Numerous enhancements have been made to this system during this time. We feel the best testament of our work is that which has been provided to the RWA. Troubleshooting equipment problems is always one of the most difficult tasks. Our detailed investigation into a problem with the pressure transducers resulted in the manufacturer replacing all the units as well as modifying their manufacturing processes.

Other work we’ve done in Connecticut includes design and installation of four tide monitoring stations in Milford and Westport. These stations measure and report minimum, maximum and mean water levels at specified time intervals as well as on "changed" thresholds in order to paint wave actions during noteworthy events. Also, in 2002 we upgraded and installed 10 new rainfall monitoring stations, 3 of which were full weather monitoring stations, for the CT Department of Environmental Protection across the state.

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