Good data is 

Reliable. Damage-Reducing. Lifesaving.

At Distinctive AFWS Designs, Inc. (DDi) we believe that “No Data Is Better Than Bad Data,” when it comes to flood warning systems that protect your community. Since 1991, DDi has specialized in the design of reliable flood warning systems that innovate to serve our client’s unique needs. It’s more than your cut-and-dry gauge and software combination. We highly value preparation, cohesive integration, dependability, routine maintenance, and quality emergency response plans that keep you abreast of dangerous hydro-meteorological activity in your area. In short, we’re the cutting-edge experts you need to provide lifesaving and damage-reducing flood warning systems for you and your community.

Complete Flood Warning System Design

Our most highly-touted service is a complete “from-scratch” design of flood warning systems that are customized to the unique hydrological and meteorological needs of the client. We also evaluate and update existing systems, keeping your costs as economical as possible.

Public Alerts and Engagement

Part of building a successful flood warning system is creating alerts to key stake holders like your emergency response staff. Such alerts might include text messages, emails, or real-time web pages—but our most innovative alert systems even include public twitter feeds that inform a whole community of potentially life-threatening weather conditions.

Ongoing Maintenance

Most ongoing client relationships result in semi-annual maintenance visits to each gauging location, repeater site, as well as a review of all spare parts. When an emergency occurs, rest assured that your flood warning systems are reliable and field-ready.

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Though we have teams located in North Carolina and Texas, DDi service areas are not strictly limited to any specific geographic location. Hover on a state below to see our work in a location near you.

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